Client: Blizzard Entertainment
Agency: Elo Hell Esports
Role: Video producer & editor

Project Manager: UserError
Graphic designers: Bruno Saad Marques, Mateojw, Invictus
Filming: Nick Quirico, ViniciusVTG, Rhino48, FirstKnightOfNi, DemonsDruid, UserError
Editors: Nick Quirico, Kyle Carthel, Unieveth, Sinf, Chosen, Bluebell, PMAJellies
Communications observers: SAGE, DocDangles, DemonsDruid, Reef, Boulter07, CAPITIANO, ViniciusVTG, FirstKnightOfNi, Rhino48, JuananGlez, Koja
Workshop developers: Block, Seita, Andy, CactusPuppy

With in-person events being cancelled, Blizzard were looking to host their major second-tier Overwatch esports tournament for North America and Europe online. The event was to be broadcast over 11 days and required content for marketing and throughout. It needed to be engaging, utilise players and talent, and be quick to produce, as we only had 6 weeks to prepare. 

Across 13 different segments, we created a total of 92 videos. Content included team interviews, viewer quizzes, influencer marketing, montages, exhibition games, teasers and breakdowns. 

Alongside an amazing team, I was responsible for pitching, budgeting, video production/direction and managing contractors.

Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet 2020 teaser. 
With rumours that the event had been cancelled, we wanted to capitlise on the unknown nature of Gauntlet with a dramatic video that was starkly different to previous marketing. The video was a resounding success, leading to a total of 120k views. 

Opening video - North America.
By interviewing players, we hoped to help viewers connect emotionally by showing the stories of the players that rarely gets told.

Vibe Check North America - Day 10

Talent announcement

1v1 Hero Gauntlet North America.
Working with workshop developers, we created a custom scoreboard to help viewers know who was winning.

Would You Rather - Avoided